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Prout Research Institute of Venezuela

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Celebration of Gratitude for Eugenio, Crisal and Mario

Fiesta de Prout On Saturday, October 4, 2013, many friends of the PROUT Research Institute of Venezuela gathered to give a warm send-off to long-term community members Eugenio, Cris, and Mario. This lovely family has given selflessly of their time, energy, and resources in their two-and-a-half years at PROUT, and we wanted to celebrate them and their friendship before they head off to Yaracuy for their next project. Twenty-five friends gathered to eat delicious food, laugh and tell stories, including neighbors who participate in daily yoga classes at PROUT, an organizer from AISEC, professors and graduate students from Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez, our organization’s lawyer and his wife, and PROUT residents and volunteers. Cris, Eugenio, and Mario have meant so much to all of us, and we wish them the best in their next adventure. . . . → Read More: Celebration of Gratitude for Eugenio, Crisal and Mario

Venezuelan Birds Seen in the Quinta Prout

by Meryl Sundove

Cucarachero comun - House Wren - Troglodytes aedon Cucarachero comun – House Wren – Troglodytes aedon

Our Task Force on the Americas delegation, led by Lisa Sullivan, came to Venezuela to observe the presidential elections in April, 2013. Luckily we stayed at Quinta PROUT in Caracas. The volunteer staff’s hospitality was warm and welcoming, the accommodations comfortable, and the vegetarian food was delicious and varied. Eugenio and his family made us feel like it was our home away from home, adding a personal touch which we loved.

Tortolita chocolatera o rojiza - Ruddy Ground Dove - Columbina talpacoti Tortolita chocolatera o rojiza – Ruddy Ground Dove – Columbina talpacoti . . . → Read More: Venezuelan Birds Seen in the Quinta Prout

From our archives: June 20, 2008

Daily Journal article June 20, 2008 The Daily Journal, an English language newspaper, published this article on June 20, 2008 about the inauguration of the Quinta Prout in Caracas. Read the full text… . . . → Read More: From our archives: June 20, 2008

Evaluating the Legacy of President Hugo Chávez Using the Progressive Utilization Theory (Prout)

by Dada Maheshvarananda

Dada Maheshvarananda presenting a copy of his Prout book to President Hugo Chávez on June 1, 2003President Hugo Chávez dedicated his life to the poor people of Venezuela. He transformed their lives and transformed their country.

On March 6, the day after his death, I spent 11 hours waiting with friends to pay my respects as his body was slowly transported through the city. It took much longer than expected, as hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets and the giant stadium where the procession ended to get a glimpse of the passing casket. The crowds sang and clapped along with popular songs about “El Comandante”, shouting: “Chávez lives, the struggle continues!” “The people united will never be defeated!” “I am Chávez!” When the body finally arrived at night in the National Military Academy for viewing, the line of people waiting was more than two kilometers (one mile) long!

Why did so many people go? Why were they willing to wait so long? And instead of being a somber occasion with everyone dressed in black, why did so many wear bright red T-shirts, or headbands with the national colors, and why were they singing and shouting slogans? . . . → Read More: Evaluating the Legacy of President Hugo Chávez Using the Progressive Utilization Theory (Prout)

Kate Johnston, journalist and activist

Kate JohnstonKate Johnston, an independent journalist and activist from Australia, visited the institute for six weeks in February and March. She worked to help get Prout’s message out to the world through print magazines and online/alternative media radio programs. She also filmed an interview with the director, located at her blog. See her Facebook page. “I’m fed up with writing about the problems of the world. I want to be a part of the solution. Learning of Prout was incredibly exciting for me. I finally found an all-encompassing, alternative system that addresses the root cause of society’s problems. I just want to tell the world!” . . . → Read More: Kate Johnston, journalist and activist

New AIESEC volunteers at PRIVEN

Diego Montaño Morales (Bolivia), Natalia Cerri Oliveira (Brazil) and Camila dos Santos (Brazil) Three new AIESEC volunteers have joined our staff for six weeks each. AIESEC is the largest organization of young people in the world, that helps members participate as a social volunteer in almost one hundred countries. . . . → Read More: New AIESEC volunteers at PRIVEN

Professional Internships by Graduate Students of UNESR

UNESR: Ninoska Díaz de Mariña , Orietta Portales, Hernando Pérez, Dorkis Shephard and Alicia GómezDuring the first semester of 2012, four graduate students of finance at the Universidad Nacional Experimental Simon Rodriguez did professional and community service internships in several projects of Centro Madre community center in Barlovento under the guidance of the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela. Students of Professor Dorkis Shephard and Dr. Diaz Mariña Ninoska aided in the development of this Proutist project that is recognized by governmental and nongovernmental organizations as a national model of small-scale sustainable agriculture and the production of fruit trees contributed to the development of important aspects of the project’s financial situation. Research and reports by Alicia Gomez, Orietta Portales, Hernando Perez and Edit Valley significantly contributed to: . . . → Read More: Professional Internships by Graduate Students of UNESR

The Art of Ernesto “Akhilesh” Peña

" “The Prout Fish” In the days prior to the First Global Prout Conference in Venezuela, the Institute was looking for a solution to the front wall of the house which was damaged. Then, motivated by the preparation work of the conference, I decided to intervene and the result was “The Prout Fish.” Carving with a grinding machine and cutting the shapes directly in the concrete of the wall, I made a pattern resembling fish scales. It seemed a metaphor to see the Institute as a fish that travels the seas linking people, countries, continents. This fish has the mission of spreading the Prout theory to the world, creating links between all those who believe in a better world. Luz de Baba por Ernesto "Akhilesh" Peña “The Eternal Light of Baba” “The Eternal Light of Baba” came after a request by Dada Maheshvarananda to make an original painting for the Institute. I immediately accepted his proposal, because I always had the same desire. After months of searching for the subject of this painting, I came to the Institute with some idea of what I wanted, because in my spontaneous style of painting that arises within me, I’m never sure how to finish a work. In the atmosphere of the meditation room, Baba threw light on me, and so while painting I realized that we are here thanks to Baba who is our inspiration and who guides our steps along the way. His light is our food, our hope, our purpose and our destiny. Holding his hand we walk, turning into warriors or children, but always aware of life and love. The creator of Prout has inspired us with his philosophy that now underpins the work of this institucion. Thank you, Baba, and fill our path with light. . . . → Read More: The Art of Ernesto “Akhilesh” Peña


Photo Gallery from CENTRO MADRE is a community project that serves the five rural villages of Barlovento, which are very impoverished, through education, health,agriculture and and cooperatives. . . . → Read More: Barlovento