Quinta PROUT #11-20, Calle Terapaima con Mosen Sol, final Colegio María Santísima, adyacente al CEMS Urbanización El Marques, Caracas 1070, Venezuela Tel. (0212) 283.86.65, (0212) 886.23.23 ivip[at]


Internship Opportunities

Fed up with the way things are?
Want to help people and change the world?
Want to try a healthy lifestyle that fills you with peace, happiness and energy?

If so, then we would love to work with you! We currently have projects in cooperatives, organic agriculture, neohumanist education, rural development and economic democracy. We seek passionate and socially-conscious individuals who want to direct their knowledge, skills and compassion towards something truly worthwhile — and find themselves at the same time.

Benefits: The Institute will:
House you in the beautiful Quinta Prout in Caracas.
Offer you delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals.
Facilitate your studies of the Progressive Utilization Theory (Prout) with access to many resources.
Help you connect with people and projects doing economic justice and spiritual work within the larger Proutist global network.
Work in a place where your ideas count. Over time, your role in the team will evolve into one that suits you.
Support your intellectual development and contributions to scholarly work.
Support your community outreach and education efforts.
Provide the opportunity to improve your language skills in an international office setting.
Provide practical experience and a forum for improving and expanding your skill set.
Provide a working environment that is clean, fair, safe, respectful of all and free of any kind of exploitation.
Encourage your spiritual development with a library of literature as well as daily meditation and yoga classes.

Who we are looking for: We are looking for Interns who are flexible, self-motivated and ready to work as a positive team member in a collaborative environment. Interns are expected to work 40 hours a week, though we are open to adjusting your days and hours according to your schedule. Interns are also expected to participate in a few chores including meal preparation and cleaning. We seek individuals of all ages and ethnicities to join our team.

Our criteria for choosing interns are:
* Positive personality: We are especially interested in working with volunteers who have exhibited some of the following characteristics in their past endeavors: dedication, sincerity, enthusiasm, determination, self-discipline, self-motivation, cooperation, flexibility and an ability to multi-task.
* Skills, education and experience: We are seeking a wide range of people with different abilities. Please tell us how you envision your particular skill set being of use here.
* Length of stay: While the length of commitment can vary, the longer a volunteer can stay, the more effectively they can assist with our projects. Our staff invests time in training and orienting interns, so the longer you can commit to working with us, the more effective we can be in reaching our goals.
* Language skills: If you can speak Spanish well, you can do much more in Venezuela. We can assist you in your language development when you arrive, but the higher your level, the faster you can contribute to our projects.

Costs: We will provide you with either a shared or individual room and all meals at the Institute. However all interns will have to cover their own transportation to and from Caracas, pocket money, personal toiletries, and additional sightseeing outside of Caracas.

Health Care: The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela provides free health care to everyone, including basic medical, dental and vision care.

University Credit: Graduate and undergraduate students may apply. You may be eligible to receive college credit for your internship. Several advisory board members serve as university faculty members in various countries who can assist the development of a contract for intern or service-learning programs.

Community Outreach and Education: We are looking for volunteers with experience in community outreach and/or education activities. We are creating Prout training programs and manuals to benefit the local people.
Research: People with experience conducting and analyzing qualitative and/or quantitative research are encouraged to apply for our research internships. We conducted an initial survey of the cooperatives in Barlovento in 2008 and a follow up survey in 2010, and we wish to expand our survey area and conduct other surveys.
Journalists, Editors and Bloggers: We want to work with experienced writers who are interested in writing articles for newspapers, the internet and magazines for both Venezuelan and international audiences.
Public Relations: We want help in getting Prout’s messages out and collaborating with progressive organizations, ecological movements and revolutionary groups. We also need help with written materials produced by the Institute.
Photographers and Film-Makers: We needs creative film-makers and photographers to help produce materials and assist in publicizing Prout’s projects.
Grant Writers and Fundraising: We are looking for people to help with writing funding proposals, grant applications and organizing fund-raising events.
Academic Writers: We are looking for academics to write scholarly articles for academic journals.
Computers: We are looking for volunteers to provide hardware, software (both Linux and Windows) and web support.
Horticulture and maintenance: We gladly welcome those with a background in organic permacultures, organic disease treatment methods and can help us develop our educational garden as well as be able to help maintain the physical building that houses the institute.
Vegetarian Cook: We encourage those who have experience preparing delicious, nutritious vegetarian meals for large and small groups. This person should be able to plan meals and shop within a budget.
General Interns: We also want to hear from people who believe that they have other skills to contribute to our work. Send us an email with your ideas!

Application process: First email your resume and a letter expressing the reasons why you want an internship with the institute, how you put your ideals into action, as well as the preferred dates of your internship. Applications should be sent to: priv[at]

We will e-mail potential interns a questionnaire that must be completed and returned to us. After we receive and review your responses to our questionnaire we will schedule an interview. For those who are not in Caracas, the interviews can be done by telephone or skype. The starting date and duration of stay will be mutually agreed upon.

Learn more about this opportunity by reading “The Prout Research Institute of Venezuela Orientation Manual”. This 25-page orientation manual, updated and extensively revised in July 2013, explains the work and living situation of the Institute, and offers practical advice about life in Caracas, Venezuela.

Thank you for your interest in working with the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela. We look forward to working together to make the world better place!