Dada MaheshvaranandaDada Maheshvarananda – Director

Oct 2006 – present

Born in the US, Dada is an activist, writer, and monk. Since 1978 he has taught meditation and yoga and supervised social service projects, in Southeast Asia, Europe and South America. His most recent book is After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action. He has given hundreds of seminars and workshops around the world about social issues and spiritual values. He founded the Prout Research Institute in 2007. His blog is:

Mario Mota

Oct 2006 – present

Electronics engineer, graduate of the Simón Bolívar University, social activist, active member of Proutist Universal and AMURT in Guatire, State of Miranda since 2001. Served with AMURT disaster relief team in Haiti after the earthquake in 2009.

Dada AtmaprananandaDada Atmapranananda

Oct 2006 – present

Originally from the Philippines, graduated from the Don Mariano Memorial State University in Military Science. He had six years trained intensive military training in Search and Rescue (specializing in mountain and jungle). In 1986 he trained as a yogi monk, and organized social service projects and adventure sports camps for youth in Sri Lanka, Argentina, Peru and Brazil. Since 1999 he worked intensively in Venezuela at the Centro Madre Community Center in San Jose de Barlovento, studying cooperatives and organizing agricultural, educational and cultural programs.

Tarak Thales Fortes Tarak Thales Fortes – Brazil

Nov. 2014 – present

Thales was one of the first volunteers at this institute in Jan-Feb 2007. After that he returned to Brazil and studied philosophy at the Federal University of Ouro Preto where he graduated. Later he taught high school for four years and traveled for several months in the Middle East and Europe. Now he decided to come back to Caracas to put in practice all that he has learned and to give his best ideas for the progress of humanity. He believes that without big changes in society, our future is in danger! He wants first at all to see fraternity and cooperation increase in our lifestyle, and after that, for humanity to unite as one family. Thales says: “I see in Prout what I never saw in other theories; this very sophisticated socio-economic system includes all the spheres of human life. The human being needs to develop much more than just economically. We need to be neohumanists, it’s time to be better!”

Rodrigo Bustamante Magalhães Rodrigo Bustamante Magalhães – Brazil

Jan. 2015 – present

Computer Engineer graduated from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas, he believes that a more just society is possible and that a deep and complex change in the way we live is needed. Because of that, he seeks to study, work and fight to participate in this change.

Sélène Viallard Sélène Viallard – France/USA

Jan. 2015 – present

Born and raised in France for 10 years and then in the United States for 9 years, Sélène is a student of the world and wishes to bring to human beings and Earth as a whole the energy needed to evolve to new heights. She has much hope for humanity and believes in the fundamental goodness in All. Sélène hopes to lead the people by example into a new era of life on Earth—one of connection, abundance, and lots of smiles. Prout is the best example so far of combining the Spiritual aspect of existence with the physical needs of the people and the beings of Earth, and has inspired Sélène in dedicating energy into the implementation of this theory. Venezuela seems to be one of the best places to actively implement this theory, and although it is her first time in Latin America, Sélène feels a strong connection to this region and hopes to be able to explore more of the beautiful South American people, cultures and landscapes. May all beings feels bliss, tranquility and unconditional love!

Alvaro Zambrano Alvaro Zambrano – Venezuela

Dec. 2014 – present

Born in Caracas, a high school graduate, Alvaro enjoys doing volunteer work (now he also works with the Salesian Women’s Association). Although he has only participated for a short time, he is inspired by the Prout project. “I started here studying yoga classes that are great for my spirit. I live near the Prout Institute.”