Testimonies of Course Participants

 Betinha Avelino Rabelo: Whenever I think of my experience in Venezuela, the first feeling that comes in my heart is gratitude. They were precious days of intense learning for me, which have become a source of energy and courage for me to continue my journey on Earth. 
  Rodrigo Miranda: The most important thing for me was learning about the Bolivarian Revolution. It is difficult to get reliable information about the depth of the socio-political changes taking place in Venezuela, and which I would like to see implemented in Brazil… This program inspired me in relation to our ability and duty to help change the world. In daily life i seems so distant and impossible to accomplish, but through the continuous reflection that we did, I realize it is much more plausible and feasible… I returned much more conscious of the value of community and of a responsible and simpler way of life.
  Ana Terra Araújo: I observed that all the members of the Institute have dedicated themselves to doing something good for humanity and to love every being of the universe. I feel very inspired and want to devote my life to help transform the world…. I realized that my body has changed with the yoga classes and wholesome food. I’m more confident in myself, I lost many fears and learned to live in the present intensely.
  Luanda do Carmo: The program helped me greatly in my spiritual growth and my internal processes… I feel unity with the world, and so I want to help make it a better place for everyone, not only for humans but for all living beings.
  Bárbara Martins: The spirit of the program was very good, a source of learning and maturing … The spirit of love and unity welcomed me and made me feel like I’m home …. I learned to be more attentive and cooperative with people in my daily life. The daily cleaning duties and living in the community were very important to me. I learned that diversity is positive, which in turn taught me to appreciate certain aspects of my own personality …. The program of social activism led me to think and act more to improve the world
  Wanderson Xavier: Combining spirituality with social service and cultural integration activities was very commendable and promising…. Having the company of the right people who are motivated, prepared and open-minded gives us hope to see a better world that is less selfish.
  Solange dos Santos: From the academic point of view, I came in contact with people, speakers, books, classes and places which opened possibilities and gave me a greater interest in the reality of the country. In addition the program deconstructed many ideas, built new ones, and raised questions about the possibility of new perspectives on the world…. Through meditation and yoga, I had experiences that touched me deeply and led me to train my mind to be still and listen to the silence within…. I left calmly, without crying, regrets, or pain. The experiences I had in the house did not belong just to that physical space, but to how I am living and being anywhere. The experience in Venezuela touched on important points of my life as a whole, and here in Brazil, I continue reflecting, meditating and working on them
  Ana Paula Alameida: I think the program in general was wonderful and very important to my education and my life
  Débora Caetano: The contacts I made was one of the most positive and significant aspects of this trip – after all, we cannot change the world alone.
  Walderez Sabino de Souza: The visit to CECOSESOLA in Barquisimeto, meeting people who have a long history of cooperative work, has rekindled the hope that this model is possible.
  Evandro Lemos de Souza: I liked best Prout and spirituality. I learned to live with different people, to understand different points of view, and that I should not demand anything from others. I found everything I need to make my world and the outside world the way we want, with more love, happiness and less selfishness. I found the trip very productive. The problems, in comparison with the achievements, were minimal in my opinion… I learned to listen with care to all the suggestions that other students made. I continue thinking in a loving and constructive way.
  Amanda da Silva: The most important thing for me on this trip was my spiritual development. I want to continue deepening.
  Mônica Vieira Costa: From the experience at the institute, I came to see that it is both possible and very important to change habits that are harmful to individual and collective life. Individualism and consumerism make interpersonal relationships increasingly difficult, increase pollution and environmental degradation, and destroy the world and our society. The program greatly facilitated my awareness about my bad attitude of apathy towards political and social issues. I learned a lot about popular participation and democracy in this political moment in Venezuela: the “Bolivarian Revolution.” In this context it was possible to see how difficult it is trying to escape from neoliberalism, to narrow our social differences, and our social and economic dependency on the imperialist countries… I realized that “love” is not just a word, but a universal feeling that connects all things
  Alba Barbosa: The activities helped me to seek self-knowledge and to connect deeply with people and with my spiritual side which was somewhat forgotten…. Thank you for providing such intense, beautiful and profound moments in my life!
  Roseane Pina: Consciousness-raising took place on many levels, both with Professor Louis, the group, and during side conversations with each other …. I had moments in which I experienced the more subtle universe, filled with love, that touched me the most, sometimes with people and sometimes with nature
  Ana Paula Fonseca: “I would like to thank everyone in the house for the opportunity you gave me, for your patience and affection, and the way you welcomed us with open arms, saying “We are all ONE! You are not alone.” I will never forget this. WE ARE LOVE!