“Closing Remarks” by José Albarrán

José Albarrán of the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela
“Closing Remarks” by José Albarrán of the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela, July 9, 2011. Listen to Spanish audio file. Read original Spanish text.

Good day everyone. Thank you for being with us once again today. We hope this 3-day conference has been satisfying and that you will take with you a bit of these experiences in each one of your hearts.

The first Global Prout Conference in Venezuela has been about the need to gather perspectives and cooperate to articulate a new paradigm, by identifying ways that facilitate knowledge to serve social transformation. That is, socializing knowledge to socialize power, so that teaching effectively promotes raising consciousness. This is very important to construct a solidarity and just economy for all.

In the context of the global economic crisis, we have observed that social and solidarity economy organizations offer solutions and alternatives to solve some important challenges and inbalances of our Venezuelan society. This crisis in which we are immersed is more than a threat – it is an opportunity to strengthen the basis of what we want to construct today, a new human being who really serves society.

Our planet invites us to rise to the changes that will determine human history. Acting in a coherent way from the basis of physical, mental and spiritual balance, it is up to us to bring our attention from the external material world towards the internal spiritual one. We need to let go of geo-sentiments, socio-sentiments and the ego to adopt a universal citizenship that will bring us closer to the larger reality of which we all are a part.

Let’s advance from politics to political ethics as a tool that can take us to new social scenarios framed in Prout’s vision, for the happiness and welfare of all living beings.

It’s time for our human archetype. It’s time for this nation to take its rightful place. We Venezuelans must understand beyond where our affairs have placed us, we continue being brothers and sisters by nature, lovers of freedom. It’s time to light up the torches of our human spirit which vibrates in our hearts and walk the path towards re-evolution and love for consciousness that will make us worthy sons and daughters of this Mother Earth we call Venezuela.