First Global Intensive Prout Seminar

“PROUT: Towards a global alternative with a local approach”
July 11-13, 2011
The Prout House, Caracas

Following the public conference (July 7-9, see above), an intensive Prout Seminar will take place in the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela for Proutists and representatives of Prout groups or movements around the world.

Establish a Prout publicity network in Latin America with a local focus.
Develop action strategies for the publicity of PROUT.
Define strategies for network coordination, action and feedback.

Additional Optional Activities:
Sunday, 10/07/2011 Visit places of interest in Caracas.
Thursday, 14/07/2011 Visit Centro Madre (master unit) in the region of Barlovento.
Friday, 15/07/2011 Visit CECOSESOLA Consumer-Fair (Central Cooperative Lara State).
Saturday, 16/07/2011 Guided tours to places where P.R. Sarkar (Prout’s founder) visited during his stay in Caracas.

Until May 8, 2011
Europe, U.S., Asia: $ 30 dollars a day.
Latin America, Africa, India: $ 25 dollars a day.

After May 8, 2011
Europe, U.S., Asia: $ 35 dollars a day.
Latin America, Africa, India: $ 30 dollars a day.

Children 0-11 are free, 12-17 are half price.

Online registration form is available at: English online registration for 2011 Global Prout Convention

Further information about climate, what to bring, and orientation about Venezuela will soon be available on this website, too.

For more information, please write to both the following e-mail boxes: and