New AIESEC volunteers at PRIVEN

Diego Montaño Morales (Bolivia), Natalia Cerri Oliveira (Brazil) and Camila dos Santos (Brazil)
Diego Montaño Morales (Bolivia), Natalia Cerri Oliveira (Brazil) and Camila dos Santos (Brazil)

Three new AIESEC volunteers have joined our staff for six weeks each. AIESEC is the largest organization of young people in the world, that helps members participate as a social volunteer in almost one hundred countries.

Diego Montaño Morales from Cochabamba, Bolivia, 24 years old, graduated in Communication and Journalism; he loves to travel and do Spanish flamenco dance. He is helping to correct the Spanish translation of Dada Maheshvarananda’s new book, After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action. He says, “Now I understand Prout’s philosophy and that the world needs alternatives. I have also become a lover of yoga and vegetarian food!”

Natalia Cerri Oliveira is 20 years old and is a student of public relations at the University of São Paulo. She is passionate about Brazilian culture and dreams of working to develop culture in her society. She has worked in AIESEC for two years, where she was director of public relations at her local office. In the Prout Research Institute, she is responsible for mapping and organizing the database system.

Camila dos Santos is a student of International Relations at the Federal University of Rural Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. She has always identified herself with social development projects; which is why she loves the economic and social model that the Prout movement offers. Currently, her contribution is focused on website development, flyers, logos and visual editing of documentaries for Prout, ​​Centro Madre and the Neohumanist Kindergarten.