New hard-working volunteers at PRIV

Angelo Hernandez (Venezuela), Barley Colello (USA), Mariela Mosquera (Ecuador), Sascha Bercovitch (USA)
Angelo Hernandez (Venezuela), Barley Colello (USA), Mariela Mosquera (Ecuador) and Sascha Bercovitch (USA) are all doing a great job and having a lot of fun, too.

Angelo (Ajaya) is a student at the prestigious Simon Bolivar Conservatory of Music where his instruments are the classical guitar and electric guitar. A protector of animals, he volunteers at foundations dedicated to the rescue and adoption of homeless animals. He is currently training as a dog handler. He also practices yoga and meditation. “I am very happy now to live in the Prout house and be sharing with students from other countries who have hope in the Progressive Utilization Theory. Like them, I believe it is possible a world with Neo-Humanist education, environmental balance and spiritual values.”

Barley is a college student at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC studying Anthropology. She was introduced to the theory of Prout when Dada Maheshvarananda visited her school this past April. After playing a couple of cooperative games led by Dada and hearing about the volunteer opportunity in Caracas, she was inspired to spend her summer at Quinta Prout. She spends her time cooking lunches, growing veggies in the garden, and doing other various house chores. She gains inspiration for the garden from Centro Madre in Barlovento, that also rejuvenates her mind and soul. She is also studying intensively and gaining confidence as a yoga instructor.

Mariela was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1990. Studies International Trade and Negotiations at the Army Polytechnic School. She was coordinator of the youth group Youth for Life Course (RJV) dedicated to be socially responsible leaders. She became a volunteer for Prout through AIESEC. She has become a yoga practitioner while in the Quinta Prout and is learning many things that will undoubtedly be applied both in her personal and professional life.

Sascha is an undergraduate history student at Harvard University who received a scholarship to do four months of research. He stays in the Prout Research Institute and also is a correspondent for Venezuelan Analysis.

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