Please consider staying with us at our international research institute in Caracas during your next visit to Venezuela.

The Prout Research Institute of Venezuela is an independent, not-for-profit foundation that began in 2007. Our mission is to “to empower all people to improve their quality of life and live in a more just society by fostering the development of worker cooperatives, self-reliant communities, environmental protection, universal ethics and spiritual values.”

We have been given the use of a beautiful large house in Caracas in the district of El Marques. Your patronage would increase our ability to offer research scholarships and we would welcome the academic interchange. It is a 20-minute uphill walk from the La California metro station to our house, and there are collective taxis from there to our door for Bs.F. 5 or 6. There are usually about ten people living here, half Venezuelans and the others from different countries. We sometimes have one or two rooms free, and we have spare bunk beds in the men’s and women’s dorms. We charge US$30 per person per day that includes a healthy vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner, and free wireless Internet connection in the office. Guests are also invited to participate in our free daily yoga classes and meditation sessions. Researchers who wish to stay for more than a month may ask for a discount.

We have the following rules:
* No alcohol, non-prescription drugs, smoking, meat, fish or eggs are allowed in the house.
* No pornography.
* Keep your bed, bags and room neat and clean.
* Each person must contribute at least 30 minutes per day to the common cleaning according to the rotation system provided.
* Wash all your own dishes and wipe off the counters after eating.
* This is a research institute. Please respect your colleagues and keep romances outside of the office and the house.
* To protect everyone’s security, please obtain permission before inviting new people to the Institute.

We are not a hotel, nor are we interested in becoming one. However we very much respect the work of researchers who are sincerely interested in understanding the reality of the social transformation that Venezuela is undergoing and contributing to that process. We offer a peaceful, safe home with beautiful gardens conducive to study and work and we are very interested in connecting with other researchers and learning about current research projects.

In the struggle for Peace and Justice,

Dada Maheshvarananda