After the vegetarian dinner, one of our guests, Clarita de Molina, an author and a great spiritualist, donated a beautiful set of Colombian china tea cups to PRIV and gave us the following poem. (Her husband is Prof. Carlos Molina Camacho of UCV.)

Poem for a being of superior spirituality

I am amazed to have met a teacher, high spiritual guide.
I admired his blessed aura.
For his acts of goodness and kindness
I know that God is very pleased.
His son, Dada, a very special person,
does a great mission with his friends,
that embraces warmly to give peace.

I bow with respect and bless you,
and I know your soul is full of peace.
You do a great mission giving a coat
To those who need your kindness…

Dada, our dear good friend,
I felt like praying
To verify that you are straight
And you give yourself entirely to others.

I congratulate you for this noble PROUT.
My husband and I yearn
To serve in any way, help the poor,
and follow the path where you go…

Caracas, March 22, 2010