PRIV Starts a Citizen Consciousness Raising Campaign

Another Venezuela is possible, if you take part! This is the name of the citizen awareness campaign that began on Sunday May 14 in Caracas,  organized by the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela.

The messages on the posters are:

Morality is a quality of a good citizen.

The value of women in society is not one bit less than that of men.

Unity is natural, division is artificial.

The value of money lies in its utilization.

Human society – one and indivisible. – PROUT

With the help of volunteers from the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela, a public awareness campaign began to promote a change in public consciousness, a greater understanding about the reality we live in and the reality that we live. Through social communication, we focus on the importance of being present as the main actors and co-creators of our society.

With this initiative, which aims to cover the major cities of the country, the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela confirms its commitment to promote actions aimed at generating a social transformation that begins with the internal transformation of the citizen.

Photos: Susana Ruiz