Professor Peter Bohmer’s recommendation

Peter Bohmer I enthusiastically and without any reservations whatsoever recommend the Prout house, Quinta Prout, as a place to stay in Caracas for an individual, small group or family, or a delegation. The staff and Prout, more generally, are committed to economic and social justice not just for the larger society, but they also demonstrate this in ways big and small every day by the way they treat all who visit and stay there. The staff at Quinta Prout set a good example of good and kind and welcoming human beings but they never push their philosophy unless asked. If you want to engage in discussions about what is happening in Venezuela, in Latin America, globally, Dada, who started this house, and the other staff are knowledgeable and insightful. The staff is mainly Venezuelan but they are also staff from Cuba, Mexico and the United States. When I stay here at Prout, I never feel like it a business relationship but rather that I am here as a welcomed guest of Prout. Their house, on the eastern side of Caracas, is easily accessible from the subway station California, although it is a good 20 minute walk much of it up-hill, or a cheap taxi ride from the subway. The Quinta Prout house is clean, comfortable with a beautiful view of Caracas, with healthy and plentiful food, all at an affordable price to sleep and eat. I stayed there in April, 2011 as an individual visiting Venezuela and was really helped by the staff in getting around and in and out of Caracas. I mainly cooked myself with the food that was there. The homemade yogurt, granola and bread stood out.

This time, with another faculty from the Evergreen State College, we led a delegation of 30 students from Olympia, Washington to Venezuela. Quinta Prout can hold up to 40 people. We spent a week there in January, 2012 and another five days in March, 2012. The staff made our stay very easy and comfortable, no hassles at all. They are efficient and fair in billing us. They prepared meals for us and were totally accommodating to special food needs and our varying schedule, and allowed us to use the house for visiting guest speakers, and they shared their computers and library with us. The staff took students who were sick to Barrio Adentro, the free health clinic. Dada, one of the members, organized daily yoga classes for our group. There is a lot of public space besides the private rooms. Everything went smoothly. In addition to a place to stay for a short or linger time, Dada and the other staff can also organize visits to various groups and institutions that are building a new society in and around Caracas. I have organized groups to visit Cuba and various parts of Venezuela. Quinta Prout has been the most welcoming place to stay, my favorite by far. For more info, do not hesitate to contact me at . Peter Bohmer

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