Prout article published in Working USA

The Progressive Utilization Theory (Prout): Alternative Economic and Social Model for the Welfare of All published in Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society

by Dada Maheshvarananda and Mariah Branch


To envision our future, it is vitally important to ask: what kind of world do we want? Prout (the Progressive Utilization Theory) is a socioeconomic alternative model that promotes the welfare and development of every person, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This article provides a brief introduction to some of the economic and social concepts of Prout, including guaranteeing minimum necessities to all, the right to jobs, a three-tiered economy, including small-scale private enterprises, cooperatives, and large-scale publicly owned key industries, food sovereignty, sustainable agriculture, proper utilization of natural and human resources, and economic democracy. Prout promotes an ecological and spiritual perspective that is universal and nondogmatic. Prout’s holistic model provides an overarching framework to effectively measure and compare policies for the greater good of all people, as well as the planet.

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