Prout “Thought Exhibition”

Spencer Bailey (“Samkalpa”) and Darlin Pino (“Dharmamitra”) prepared ten large banners with clear text, images and colorful designs that illustrated the following subjects: Introduction to Prout, Prout’s Economic Democracy, Prout Cooperatives, Prout and Ecology, Neohumanism, Spiritual Practices of Prout, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, Prout Research Institute, Centro Madre, and the Neohumanist Kindergarten. See the original Spanish banners here. –

Click on the banners below to download a higher resolution version.

(Please contact us if you are interested in the original Photoshop files).

What is PROUT?

The Dynamic Balance of Prout - Ecology

The Economic Democracy of Prout

The Universal Spiritual Perspective of Prout

P.R. Sarkar, founder of Prout

Cooperativism of Prout

Neohumanism of Prout