Radio Interviews with Dada Maheshvarananda about Prout

Two radio interviews of Dada Maheshvarananda with Maeve Conran of KGNU Independent Community Radio in Boulder, Colorado, Dec. 11 2012 and Dec. 13, 2012. Listen download mp3.
The questions included:

Part 1: Is Prout taking place in any country? Can Prout function in a developed country like the United States? How do we get there from here, how do we establish economic democracy?

Part 2: What is Prout? What are the fundamental differences between capitalism and Prout? Was there ever a time in United States history when there was more egalitarianism? Was there particular moment when the United States turned towards corporate power? When the financial crisis happened in 2007-2008 there was a lot of opportunity for change, and yet, except for the Occupy Movement, nothing happened? Can you give us an example here in the United States of people who are living out this new egalitarian vision? What are your thoughts on the Occupy Movement and its future? Does Prout have more in Venezuela? Talk a little about food access and how that is a security issue? Can you talk about the worker takeovers that have taken place in Argentina? With our current laws is that possible here? In a recent posting you talked about what you called a myth that the rich countries, companies and people are smarter and work harder — talk about that. How does that attitude affect the debate about the fiscal cliff — can you connect the dots? Prout has a spiritual dimension, so it should appeal to faith-based communities — why is it that these communities have not spoken out about the hoarding of wealth? Do you see change coming from the political class?