Recommendation of Lisa Sullivan

Our joint SOA WATCH/MITF Venezuela delegation had the privilege of spending 3 nights at the PROUT house in Caracas. In every way, the stay was fantastic! The house itself is spacious and has many places for gatherings, reflections and just contemplating the wonderful views of Caracas and the lovely Avila mountains. Accomodations were comfortable, and because we were a small group, we each had our own room which was very nice.

Even better than the accommodations are both the food and the hospitality. The food is vegetarian and all so fresh and healthy! It is prepared by the wonderful inhabitants of PROUT who also share their warmth and thoughtful conversations along with the food. Eugenio dispenses caring with his wonderful cups of lemongrass and mint tea at any and all hours. The rest of the PROUT team, especially Dada, were extraordinarily helpful with things like arranging taxis, meeting people who arrive at late hours, or leave in the wee hours and offering to make lunches when the group is away for the day.

I can’t think of anything at all that is missing and I know that after this experience we will definitely forgo the impersonal aspect of hotels when in Caracas and opt to stay in the warm, friendly, delicious and spacious PROUT house when possible. Thanks to all in this great team, abrazos, Lisa Sullivan