Sascha Bercovitch awarded Hoopes Prize for outstanding thesis on Bolivar Archive

"THE BOLIVAR ARCHIVE: Politicizing the Past in Venezuela, 1962-2010" by Alexander Philip Bercovitch Sascha Bercovitch Former Prout volunteer Sascha Bercovitch was awarded the prestigious Hoopes Prize for outstanding scholarly research in his undergraduate thesis: “THE BOLIVAR ARCHIVE: Politicizing the Past in Venezuela, 1962-2010” by Alexander Philip Bercovitch, thesis submitted to Harvard University for his degree in Latin American History. Download the pdf file, 148 pages.

Dada Maheshvarananda says, “This is a really great work. Clear, well-written, it packs a lot of Venezuelan history and politics into this fascinating story.”

And the best news of all, in our opinion, is that Sascha is returning to Venezuela for another year! Harvard has given him a fellowship to study the political processes in the Caracas barrios from mid July 2014 to July 2015.